Allan Fogwill, President & CEO
Canadian Energy Research Institute

2019 EPAC Awards Keynote Speaker Allan Fogwill Presents:
Canadian Oil and Gas: Competitiveness and Future Prospects

There are many business challenges for the oil and gas sector in Canada. They include climate change and carbon management, the lack of market access for oil and natural gas and the fluctuating price differential between WCS and WTI.

The introduction of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) sulphur regulations in 2020 presents a unique challenge, one which has left some wondering what the future holds for oil and gas, particularly oil sands production in Alberta.

Society is grappling with how to balance economic development with environmental stewardship. It won’t be easy, but there are things the sector can look at ranging from active engagement with other stakeholders to build a consensus solution, to investments in process efficiency improvements, to supporting carbon capture options.

This presentation will demonstrate that the challenges associated with the implementation of the new IMO standard are no different in context than the ones originally dealt with decades ago as the industry developed. Innovation, environmental stewardship and risk-taking were the order of the day then and should be the order of the day now. Technology changes can bring about reductions in emissions, enhancements to market access and a productive future.

The need for oil and gas globally continues to grow and is expected to persist for the next two decades. The oil and gas sector in Canada can lead the charge in enhancing responsible resource development which can increase business opportunities at home and trade opportunities abroad.


Allan Fogwill joined CERI in November 2014 as President and CEO. An energy sector executive with over 25 years of experience in both the public and private sector, Mr. Fogwill’s background has focused on the economic and market analysis of energy sector issues along with policy development related to energy regulation and efficiency issues. Mr. Fogwill has previously worked for natural gas distribution companies in BC and Ontario and for the Ontario Energy Board dealing with market analysis and the analysis of distribution costs. Prior to assuming his role at CERI, Mr. Fogwill provided regulatory consulting services to local distribution companies in Ontario. Allan has a Master’s degree from Simon Fraser University in Natural Resources Management and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan in Geography. He has also served as the Chair and CEO of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance and the Canadian Gas Research Institute.